The Great Fish day menu.

Jói nýorðinn 50 ára
Jói nýorðinn 50 ára

The Great Fish Day’s Menu – The Most Diverse Ever

Chef: Friðrik V. Sous-chefs: Arnþór Sigurðsson and Arnrún Magnúsdóttir
Kristj,rafin bleikjustöðssingil, nuts maple siropt marinaded Cod

kla. Kaffibrennslan br______

.áns bakarí provides all bread—Vífilfell provides all soft drinks.

Ásbjörn Ólafsson provides marinade, spices, sauces and vegetable.


Regular Food Stations – Menu, Fish from Samherji

Fresh Arctic charr with citrus spice and angelica herbs from Hrísey.

Fresh cod in tikka masala and coconut milk.
Lightly salted cod with tomatoes, olives and garlic.

Other Food Stations


The Big Barbecue: An 8 metres long barbecue, the biggest one in Iceland. Generation ´65 and ´66 in Dalvík are in charge.  

Fish burgers with apricots and curry sauce. Samherji and Kristjáns bakarí

Shrimp Salad Station
Sweet chili and vegetable shrimp salad from Dögun.

Sashimi Station –  Addi Jelló and Ingvar Páll are in charge.

Sashimi, minke whale and Arctic charr– Samherji and minke whale hunters.


Shrimp Stations: Linda og Magga. The only true shrimp queens in Iceland.
Fresh shrimps, still in the shell, and soy sauce.

NINGS Station: The biggest soup pot in Iceland. Bjarni from Vellir, his relatives and friends.

Oriental Arctic charr and shrimp soup.

Grímur Station: Chef Grímur and the Westmann Islanders

Gluten, egg and milk free fish balls with OMEGA 3.
A vegetarian dish with OMEGA 3.
Matís is a special guest at Grímur Station.

Friðrik V – A Graved Arctic Charr Station and a Moorthy, Indian Curry Hut Station
A graved Arctic charr with a mustard honey sauce and toasted bread. A tandoori Arctic charr with naan bread.


Fish and Chips Station.  Akureyri Fish and Reykjavík Fish.
Fish and chips.

“Fishage” – Dalvík Ski Club serves barbecued “Fishage”
Fishage with three types of sauce, served in bread. Courtesy of Kjarnafæði, Friðrik V and the Great Fish Day.  

Sæplast Pizza Station
The biggest pizza in Iceland. Baccalà pizza, 120 inches.

Sæplast, Greifinn, Ektafiskur and the Great Fish Day cooperation.


A Colourful Dried Fish Station, with a touch of Nigeria: People in beautiful costumes, a unique dried fish and healthy Icelandic butter. —Salka Fiskmiðlun – Salka Norfhish.


The Herring and Rye Bread: Kolla Páls and the herring girls.

Herring and homemade rye bread with butter.  Samherji and Iceland’s best rye bread makers.


Coffee Station: A good Rúbín coffee—Kaffibrennslan in Akureyri.


Ice Cream Station: Samhentir, The Great Fish Day’s friend number 1 gives thousands of ice cream sticks.

Olís provides the gas for the barbecues.